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From competitor research for a growing startup to a multi-national law firm and much more, we offer the scalable, industry-targeted expertise and mastery of technology needed to get the most out of your business in every new endeavor you undertake.

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Consumer Panels

FMR Solutions offers the broadest reach and most precise targeting across all your target audiences—patients, caregivers, physicians and allied health professionals. We understand that today’s competitive healthcare market has led to increasing demand for two conflicting goals—bigger samples and tighter parameters.     

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Business Panels

FMR Solutions offers an extensive coverage of business industries and leaders. Through our online panel solution you can also access business leaders in 90+ countries across hundreds of industries and job titles including C-Level executives, IT decision makers and more. Whatever business audience you need… FMR Solutions can deliver. We will get you the B2B responses you want with the quality you trust to drive the right business actions.

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Medical Panels

Count on FMR Solutions for all of your online panel research needs. FMR Solutions offers a wide range of online panel target audiences through our partnership with a large number of online panel companies for both U.S. and international project needs. FMR Solutions is ready to provide fast, affordable and customized panel solutions for all your online market research needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to find the difficult respondents that other companies cannot target. Here is a list of some of the consumer panel audiences we can target; if you audience is not listed, give us a call and we’ll find them for you!


Our International Partners

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We work closely with our global data collection partners to ensure quality, consistency and adherence to strict testing protocols. Our global partners have been selected for their observance of best practices in data collection protocols, and validated methodologies optimize the research deliverables and produce cost efficiencies.

Some of the countries we conduct
research studies in:

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Quality Control Measures

At FMR Solutions, our panel quality management process guarantees that the data we deliver is high quality and reliable. Our sampling procedures, from the initial phases of project management all the way to project completion, certify that quality is top of mind in everything that we do and deliver. We have years of experience in the research industry, enabling us to provide a consultative approach to solving our clients’ sample needs. We listen, provide the right guidance, and propose the best sampling methodology to obtain the targeted sample. When a bid is submitted, it is reviewed thoroughly to ensure that all project specifications are practical. Once a project is in the field, we proactively monitor it and communicate its status daily, identifying issues before they become a problem.

FMR Solutions considers the makeup of the target audience when providing insights on how to accurately target a representative sample. Quotas, nested quotas and weighting are implemented to achieve an optimal mix of our community members. After discussions with the client, we’ll coordinate these strategies on a project-to-project basis. Initial sample sends can be used to determine consistency to be delivered at the time of full launch.

FMR Solutions works closely with numerous third-party companies to access specialized, highly specific databases of target audiences made available to us for sampling purposes. Overall, FMR ensures a broad-based sampling frame consisting of every type of website including web services, published content and social networking websites while adding methodological rigor to ensure the highest quality results possible. Our partners are all thoroughly vetted to ensure they abide by the standards of conduct prescribed by leading research associations and are required to have a clearly articulated privacy policy and a good reputation in the industry.

FMR Solutions applies strict security protocols to ensure the integrity of our data quality. We constantly check respondents for fraudulent behavior. Some of the measures we’re able to reduce:

  •  Speeding 
  • Duplicate IP addresses
  •  Duplicate browsers
  •  Failing trap questions
  •  Providing duplicate address or phone data

FMR Solutions adheres to the ESOMAR/GRBN Guideline on Online Sample Quality. It sets out best practice in:

  • Research participant validation to ensure the respondent falls within the description of the research sample.
  • Survey fraud prevention to ensure the same person doesn’t try to receive more incentives by completing a survey more than once.
  • Survey engagement to ensure that the respondent is paying sufficient attention.
  • Category and other types of exclusions to ensure the sample does not include respondents who might bias the results.
  • Sampling (including sample selection, sample blending, weighting, survey routers, profiling and screening) to provide transparency.


  • FMR Solutions started its online panel division in 2011 and has been serving some of the top companies in the market research industry for the past eight years.

  • Since 2011 FMR Solutions has provided superior quality, targeted high response consumer, business, medical or specialty population online panelists for all types of research. Our panel network is rapidly becoming the first choice for US and international based studies where targeting robust or difficult responses are a key element of the research.

  • Our senior management team is comprised of veteran market research executives and an experienced management team that pursues aggressive business initiatives while simultaneously maintaining the focus on the highest product quality and personalized customer service.

  • FMR Solutions connects mobile, tablet and PC users interested in completing surveys with market researchers who need their opinions. We offer a wide range of online panel target audiences through our partnerships with a large number of online panel companies.

  • We are focused on being a top-quality partner for all of your online research needs. We pride ourselves on offering:

    • Reliable feasibility estimates
    • Highly competitive costs
    • Sophisticated quality enforcement
    • Superior project management
    • Excellent communication
    • On-time project completion

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