Analytical Research

It is important for us to provide our clients with the highest level of analytics, but with a focus on the overall goals and objectives of the research project. FMR Solutions has extensive background in a variety of statistical techniques including: regression analysis, factor analysis, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis, and multi-variate analysis.


FMR Solutions can provide analytical results in a variety of formats, from computer-generated output of a specific statistical technique to comprehensive research reports including methodological descriptions and the most meaningful summaries and analysis. Highly flexible in custom designing reports, FMR Solutions can produce top-line findings, fully detailed reports, and in-personal presentations. These include frequency tables, charts, graphics or a combination, based on your needs and preferences.
Our approach is to incorporate the overall goals and objectives of the research into our analytical plan, then execute the most appropriate level of analytics to ensure that your information is being appropriately analyzed and interpreted. With this in mind, our analysts approach every project from its initial inception until the final stages of analysis with the notion that only the most appropriate and meaningful analytics will be utilized. This approach allows our clients the peace of mind knowing that they will have derived the maximum amount of value from any research effort that is under taken by FMR Solutions.


“Research is the process of turning ideas into manufacturable and marketable form.”

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